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1,001 Cranes

1,001 Cranes 0

The History

According to Japanese lore, if you have a wish, fold one thousand origami cranes and your wish will be granted.  If feudal Japan, brides would take upon this task called sembazuru in Japanese, in hopes that they will be rewarded with a long and prosperous marriage.

Today, family and friends will fold sembazuru for weddings, or as a get0well wish for someone who is ill, or to celebrate a special anniversary or birthday.  Sembazuru is also an art where the cranes are arranged in the shape of a family crest or other meaningful design and then framed and presented at the wedding reception or specal event.  This becomes an heirloom to be passed down through the generations, a modern symbol of a traditional art form.

Recently, sembazuru has developed into a worldwide phenomenon where communities gather together to fold cranes as a wish for world peace.  People from all walks of life and from all over the world fold sembazuru and send it to Hiroshima's Peace Park to wish for peace, and the hope that the tragedies of the bombing of Hiroshima will never happen again.

For more information email us at info@paper-tree.com.  To plan your own 1,001 crane art, visit Origamihara.com.  Below are some examples of projects we have done over the years.
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  • Linda Mihara
World's Largest Origami Cake

World's Largest Origami Cake 0

On March 10th, 2017, the Great Wolf Lodge celebrated it's one year anniversary.  Traditionally, the one year anniversary gift is PAPER.  Therefore, the World's Largest Origami Cake was commissioned by our own Linda Mihara.  The 9ft tall cake featured animals from the Pacific Northwest, and included origami wolves, bears and beavers.



  • Linda Mihara
High Fashion Origami

High Fashion Origami 0

High Fashion Origami

Linda Mihara has designed several beautiful pieces of wearable Origami.  She introduced them at the California State Fair in 2008.  She has showcased wearable Origami in order to show the versatility of the art form when used in fashion.

Hermes Uses Origami in their Store Windows

Hermes is using Origami to decorate the windows of their stores in multiple locations.  Their signature horse logo was created by Linda Mihara in various sizes to showcase Origami as a part of their window displays.
  • Linda Mihara
Folding Money

Folding Money 0

Popular Origami Figures Made from Money

Folding dollar bills (or larger denominations for some people) are a fun way to leave tips and express yourself using money.

Lincoln from the $5 bill wearing a baseball cap

The Bull is one of Linda's favorite models.  

Money Fold Pig

 The Pig, complete with curly tail

Money Fold Fox

The Fox, folded from a $10 bill

 Money Fold Baby Dragon

Baby Dragon

Lincoln Eagle

Lincoln Eagle

 Money Fold Elephant

Money Fold Elephant


Delicate Seahorse



  • Linda Mihara