Designed & Created by Won Park

Carp Model - Designed and Folded by Won Park

Amazing Models Designed and Folded by Won Park

These images show some amazing models designed and folded by Won Park.  His new book should soon be available at our online store.  Keep your eyes open.

Butterfly Money Origami

Carp (Koi) oney Origami

P-51 Mustang Money Origami

F-4U Corsair Money Origami

F-4 Phantom Money Origami

A-10 Warthog Money Origami

F-14 Tomcat Money Origami

Sopwith Camel Origami

SUK01 SU-27 Money Origami

ME-262 Money Origami

Popular Origami Figures Made from Money

Folding dollar bills (or larger denominations for some people) are a fun way to leave tips and express yourself using money.

Lincoln from the $5 bill wearing a baseball cap

The Bull is one of Linda's favorite models.  

Money Fold Pig

 The Pig, complete with curly tail

Money Fold Fox

The Fox, folded from a $10 bill

 Money Fold Baby Dragon

Baby Dragon

Lincoln Eagle

Lincoln Eagle

 Money Fold Elephant

Money Fold Elephant


Delicate Seahorse






Want to get started with dollar bill origami? Check out some of these other books


Mar 24, 2021

Fun fact: a $100 bill is only about $6.20 per square inch.

Mar 14, 2019

oh man, i used to fold money all the time when i was younger. I guess you can say money was my first origami paper. :)

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