Mayor Breed's "Open for All" Press Conference

Mayor Breed's "Open for All" Press Conference 0

Linda Mihara will be speaking at this event on behalf of the businesses in Japan Town as requested by Mayor London Breed's Office.  The following is a press release detailing the event.


Calla Rongerude, Campaign Manager, Open to All | 415.205.2420



San Francisco Becomes First Official City to Join Nationwide ‘Open to All’ Campaign

Businesses and Elected Officials Across San Francisco Pledge to Take a Stand Against Discrimination

(San Francisco, March 12, 2019)—Today, the city of San Francisco became the first official city to become Open to All, pledging to welcome everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, age, immigration status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, religion or disability. Mayor London Breed and Supervisor Mandelman announced via an official proclamation that the city was joining the national public education campaign to build understanding and discussion about the importance of protecting people from discrimination—and the bedrock principle that when businesses open their doors to the public, they should be Open to All.

To commemorate the occasion, Mayor Breed and Supervisor Mandelman hosted a kick-off event in Harvey Milk Plaza in the Castro District of San Francisco featuring elected officials from across the city, community leaders, and business owners who have signed the Open to All business pledge, including the San Francisco-based company Yelp. Last summer, Yelp introduced a new attribute allowing businesses to distinguish themselves as a safe and welcoming place to everyone by checking the ‘Open to All’ box on their business profile pages.

Quote from Mayor Breed. Call to action: Follow our lead, join us!

Open to All is a public education campaign that unites and galvanizes national leaders in business, civic engagement, and the non-profit sector to take a stand for shared American values of fairness and equality. In addition to Yelp, Gap Inc., Marriott International Inc., Levi Strauss & Co., Lyft, as well as more than 3,000 small businesses and 200 nonprofits, Open to All includes more than 200 nonprofit members spanning civil rights and racial justice organizations; LGBT equality organizations; health and disability organizations; faith organizations; and more. Open to All members are committed to building awareness and understanding about the importance of nondiscrimination—and to defend the bedrock principle that when businesses open their doors to the public, they should be Open to All.

“By joining Open to All, the City of San Francisco is once again proving to be a leader in diversity and inclusion,” said Open to All Campaign Manager Calla Rongerude. “Civic and businesses leaders are committing to make residents and visitors alike feel safe and welcome regardless of who they are.”

As part of the launch, the Open to All campaign, in partnership with the City of San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development, the San Francisco Department of Transgender Initiatives, and the San Francisco Council of District Merchants Association announced that businesses corridors in all eleven supervisorial districts are signing the Open to All business pledge and joining the effort. Businesses who take the Open to All business pledge are featured publicly on the Open to All website.

Quote from Small Business

Mayor Breed and Supervisor Mandelman joined ### elected officials across the city to support Open to All. In addition, Supervisor Mandelman encouraged his fellow supervisors to vote to approve a resolution declaring San Francisco is Open to All at tonight’s Board of Supervisor’s meeting.

Quote from Supervisor Mandelman

Businesses can sign the pledge at

For more information about the San Francisco kick-off event, visit


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Paper Tree is Officially a SF Legacy Business

Paper Tree is Officially a SF Legacy Business 0

Paper Tree is now a San Francisco Legacy Business

Paper Tree is family-owned and operated and is celebrating its 50th year as a retail store in Japantown. The company sells origami papers, artisan papers, books, art supplies, gifts, and cards. Services include private classes or parties in store or at the customer’s venue, school field trips, design and creation of artwork, design services and props, commercial origami for stop motion or film, exhibits, installations, and corporate events.

Paper Tree and its products and services help to continue the tradition of origami and maintain the legacy of Japanese art through classes held at the store, including origami folding, Japanese gift-wrapping, and other Japanese art forms. All their work is Japanese inspired.

A 2014 report by the City’s Budget and Legislative Analyst’s Office showed the closure of small businesses had reached record numbers in San Francisco. Commercial rents in most neighborhoods had risen significantly. The report drew connections between the city’s high level of commercial evictions and skyrocketing rents. While rent control laws shield many residents from exorbitant rent hikes, no such laws exist for businesses. State law does not allow restrictions on commercial leases. An alternative effort to assist the city’s legacy businesses was needed.

Inspired by programs in cities such as Buenos Aires, Barcelona and London, Supervisor David Campos proposed legislation and a ballot proposition that would become the Legacy Business Program. It was introduced in two phases.

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Folding Money

Folding Money 1

Carp Model - Designed and Folded by Won Park

Amazing Models Designed and Folded by Won Park

These images show some amazing models designed and folded by Won Park.  His new book should soon be available at our online store.  Keep your eyes open.

Butterfly Money Origami

Carp (Koi) oney Origami

P-51 Mustang Money Origami

F-4U Corsair Money Origami

F-4 Phantom Money Origami

A-10 Warthog Money Origami

F-14 Tomcat Money Origami

Sopwith Camel Origami

SUK01 SU-27 Money Origami

ME-262 Money Origami

Popular Origami Figures Made from Money

Folding dollar bills (or larger denominations for some people) are a fun way to leave tips and express yourself using money.

Lincoln from the $5 bill wearing a baseball cap

The Bull is one of Linda's favorite models.  

Money Fold Pig

 The Pig, complete with curly tail

Money Fold Fox

The Fox, folded from a $10 bill

 Money Fold Baby Dragon

Baby Dragon

Lincoln Eagle

Lincoln Eagle

 Money Fold Elephant

Money Fold Elephant


Delicate Seahorse






Want to get started with dollar bill origami? Check out some of these other books

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SF Giants Japanese Heritage Night 2018

SF Giants Japanese Heritage Night 2018 0

Linda at SF Giants

Every Year Paper Tree participates in the San Francisco Giants Japanese Heritage Night by teaching Origami to the fans.  A great time is had by all.  The usual models are a baseball and a Giants Jersey, which the kids particularly enjoy.  Watch for announcements next year in May.

Folding at the SF Giants

SF Giants Jersey Origami

  • Linda Mihara
Congrats Mayor Elect London Breed

Congrats Mayor Elect London Breed 0

London Breed Paper Tree
Congratulations Mayor Elect London Breed.  Neighborhood Girl Makes Good
  • Linda Mihara
The Guardian on Japantown's 50th Anniversary
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