Paper Tree is Officially a SF Legacy Business

Paper Tree is now a San Francisco Legacy Business

Paper Tree is family-owned and operated and is celebrating its 50th year as a retail store in Japantown. The company sells origami papers, artisan papers, books, art supplies, gifts, and cards. Services include private classes or parties in store or at the customer’s venue, school field trips, design and creation of artwork, design services and props, commercial origami for stop motion or film, exhibits, installations, and corporate events.

Paper Tree and its products and services help to continue the tradition of origami and maintain the legacy of Japanese art through classes held at the store, including origami folding, Japanese gift-wrapping, and other Japanese art forms. All their work is Japanese inspired.

A 2014 report by the City’s Budget and Legislative Analyst’s Office showed the closure of small businesses had reached record numbers in San Francisco. Commercial rents in most neighborhoods had risen significantly. The report drew connections between the city’s high level of commercial evictions and skyrocketing rents. While rent control laws shield many residents from exorbitant rent hikes, no such laws exist for businesses. State law does not allow restrictions on commercial leases. An alternative effort to assist the city’s legacy businesses was needed.

Inspired by programs in cities such as Buenos Aires, Barcelona and London, Supervisor David Campos proposed legislation and a ballot proposition that would become the Legacy Business Program. It was introduced in two phases.

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