Origami-Palooza & The Great Paper Airplane Contest 2018

Origami-Palooza & The Great Paper Airplane Contest 2018

Learn from origami experts to create amazing things with paper. More than a dozen teachers and activities for folders of all levels.

    Fold with a Master 


    Join Robert Lang, origami extraordinaire and an American physicist who is also one of the foremost origami artists and theorists in the world. He is known for his complex and elegant designs, most notably of insects and animals.

    • Folding Class with Robert Lang “Mary Anne’s Butterfly”: 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM (Limit 25 Spots) 
      This is a High Intermediate class for a butterfly with antennae (see http://www.langorigami.com/artwork/mary-annes-butterfly-opus-733 ). Class size limit: 25. Materials provided. Time: 2 hours.
    • Lecture by Robert Lang “From Flapping Birds to Space Telescopes”: 1:30 - 2:30 PM (Limit 80 Spots)
      The last decade of this past century has been witness to a revolution in the development and application of mathematical techniques to origami, the centuries-old Japanese art of paper-folding. I will discuss examples of how origami has enabled safer airbags, space telescopes, and more. Time: 1 hour.

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    Paper Airplane Challenge @ 2:00 PM


    Fold an awesome paper airplane with The Paper Airplane Guy John Collins- the world record holder for paper airplane distance! Fine tune your airplane as he shares his secrets for amazing airplanes. Then get ready for the Paper Airplane contest!

    When: 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    Where: East Japan Center Malls
    Cost: Free

    MAKE A WISH, FOLD A CRANE. Join members of Rainbow World Fund as they gather wishes and cranes for the World Tree of Hope. Named one of the most ‘Beautiful Trees in the World’ by American Express Travel, this famous tree appears during the holidays in San Francisco’s City Hall.

    ORIGAMI IN COMMERCIALS. Origami pro Linda Mihara takes you behind the scenes of some amazing commercials featuring Origami.

    Origami Challenge @ 3:00 PM

    • Bring your best work and enter our Origami Challenge. All ages welcome.
    • Special Masters Division for High Complex Entries. Over $1,000 in prizes! Register your model by 2:30.

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