4 Seasons in Paradise

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Size: 25" x 37" (1/2" ~ 1" additional outer border) 

Style: Sogara Yuzen

Sogara Yuzen are papers silkscreened by hand using the entire sheet of paper to express a single image or theme, such as landscapes. 

All four seasons is depicted in this beautiful silkscreen print on handmade Japanese paper. 

Clockwise from the top left:

Spring (Plums, cherry blossoms, ducks)

Autumn (Japanese maples, red-crowned cranes)

Winter (Snow, Camellia blossoms, White Herons)

Summer (Irises, Peonies, Chrysanthemums, peacocks) 

Kakishibu is a type of dye with an amber color, created using persimmon that has been fermented and aged for more than 2 years. The print finished with kakishibu has a shade of amber which gives it a unique, aged look. 

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