Fold with the Flow by Oriol Esteve

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How and where is the origami flow? This book focus on fluidity and pleasure of folding. 30 models designed to be quick and direct, avoiding tedious steps.

Paperback book with 30 models from Oriol Esteve. Printed on glossy paper with exceptionally clear diagrams with color to depict 2 sides. Diagrams in English and French.

Models include: Chibi Monster, Mouse, Shark, Penguin, Penguin's Breakfast/Fish, Crocodile, Meow/Cat, Skunk, Dancing Bear, Dunes Trotter(Camel), Palm Tree, Unicorn, Stegosaurus, Dragon, Sant Jordi Dragon, Weasel, Ermine, Rabbit, Moon Rabbit, Big Bad Wolf, Red Riding Hood, Big Bad Basic Wolf, Horse, Lucky Cat, Gorilla, Mustache, Rose, Nüha Flower, Beer Drinker, Surfer

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