Origami Aquarium

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A collection of 27 various aquatic models from Japan and abroad. Written by Makoto Yamaguchi. Hard to find, for intermediate to super complex folders. Instructions are in Japanese.

Chapter 1 Saltwater Fish:

  • Clownfish by Hidehisa Inayoshi  [Difficulty Level: 3 Stars]
  • Reef Triggerfish by Hitoshi Kakami [Difficulty Level: 3 Stars
  • Salmon by Issei Yoshino [Difficulty Level: 3 Stars]
  • Knifejaw by Kaede Nakamura [Difficulty Level: 4 Stars]
  • Pennant Coralfish by Kyohei Katsuta [Difficulty Level: 2 Stars]
  • Sawfish by Kazuki Fukuroi [Difficulty Level: 3 Stars]
  • Ray by Kyohei Katsuta [Difficulty Level: 4 Stars]
  • Manta Ray by Issei Yoshino [Difficulty Level: 4 Stars]
  • Marlin by Takuro Kashiwamura [Difficulty Level: 5 Stars]
  • Great White Shark by Satoshi Kamiya [Difficulty Level: 4 Stars]
  • Bastard Halibut by Hidehisa Inayoshi [Difficulty Level: 3 Stars]
  • Seahorse by Gen Hagiwara [Difficulty Level: 2 Stars]
  • Flying Fish by Tomohiro Miyanaga [Difficulty Level: 5 Stars]

Chapter 2 Freshwater Fish:

  • Goldfish by Eric Joisel [Difficulty Level: 3 Stars]
  • Guppy by Riku Ikuno [Difficulty Level: 3 Stars]
  • Blackmoor Goldfish by Ronald Koh [Difficulty Level: 5 Stars]
  • Archerfish by Winston Lee [Difficulty Level: 4 Stars]
  • Nishikigoi (Japanese Carp) by Hidehisa Inayoshi  [Difficulty Level: 3 Stars]

Chapter 3 Other Aquatic Life:

  • Jellyfish by Beth Johnson  [Difficulty Level: 4 Stars]
  • Octopus by Satoshi Kamiya [Difficulty Level: 3 Stars]
  • Venus Comb Murex by Satoshi Kamiya [Difficulty Level: 5 Stars]
  • Humpback Whale by Tomohiro Miyanaga [Difficulty Level: 3 Stars]
  • Dolphin by Hideo Komatsu [Difficulty Level: 4 Stars]
  • Crab by Jason Ku [Difficulty Level: 4 Stars]
  • Bivalve by Yoshio Tsuda [Difficulty Level: 1 Star]
  • Soft-Shelled Turtle by Kazuhiro Tominaga [Difficulty Level: 2 Stars]
  • Orca by Kazuki Fukuroi [Difficulty Level: 3 Stars]

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