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This wonderful book contains 15 different dragons created by origami designers from all over the world. Hard to find, for intermediate to super complex folders. Instructions are in Japanese.

Models and Designers:

  • Saint George's Dragon by Oriol Esteve
  • Gentle Dragon by Hideo Komatsu
  • HJ Dragon by Jason Ku
  • Classical Dragon by Kyohei Katsuta
  • Courageous Dragon by Shingo Yuki
  • King Dragon by Yoshihisa Kimura
  • Fiery Dragon 2.0 by Kade Chan
  • Hydra by Takeya Inoue
  • Plumpy Dragon by Gen Hagiwara
  • Dragon du Sud by Keigo Matsuda
  • Wizard and Dragon by Takashi Hojyo
  • Smart Dragon by Koji Ouchi
  • Wyvern by Chuya Miyamoto
  • Grand Dragon by Joseph Wu
  • Ancient Dragon by Satoshi Kamiya

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