Origami Moments

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Meng Weining has the immense talent of being able to create irresistible origami models while keeping intact the pleasure of folding with elegant and innovative folding sequences!

Paperback book with 21 models from Meng Weining. Printed on glossy paper with exceptionally clear diagrams with color to depict 2 sides. Diagrams in English and French. *Mostly diagrams, with occasional written instruction.

Models include: Snail, Butterflies, Sparrow, Persian Cat, Cartoon Mouse, Cartoon Frog, Hamster, Cute Dragon, Horse, Butterflyfish, Koi, Mosasaurus, Triceratops, Peacock, Giant Panda, Flying Peacock, Sika Deer, Little Witch, Poodle, Rooster, Wolf

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