The Elegance of Origami

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Written by Makoto Yamaguchi, this extraordinary book contains 34 origami models varying from cute to unique to cool. Hard to find, for upper intermediate to super complex folders. Instructions are in Japanese.

List of Models and Designers:

Chapter 1: Cute

  • Sea Otter by Makoto Yamaguchi [Difficulty Level: 2 Stars]
  • Long-Tailed Tit by Kyohei Katsuta [Difficulty Level: 3 Stars]
  • Fennec Fox by Makoto Yamaguchi [Difficulty Level: 1 Star]
  • Robin by David Brill [Difficulty Level: 2 Stars]
  • Squirrel by Michael LaFosse [Difficulty Level: 3 Stars]
  • Mouse by Oriol Esteve [Difficulty Level: 3 Stars]
  • Pigeon by Roman Diaz [Difficulty Level: 3 Stars]
  • Cat 15 Degrees by Seiji Nishikawa [Difficulty Level: 4 Stars]
  • Hamster by Kyohei Katsuta [Difficulty Level: 3 Stars]
  • Spotted Seal by Inayoshi Hidehisa [Difficulty Level: 3 Stars]
  • Rat by Eric Joisel [Difficulty Level: 3 Stars]
  • Little Shiba Inu by Gen Hagiwara [Difficulty Level: 4 Stars]

Chapter 2: Unique

  • Fish by Beth Johnson [Difficulty Level: 2 Stars]
  • Caterpillar by Hideo Komatsu [Difficulty Level: 3 Stars]
  • Flapjack Octopus by Inayoshi Hidehisa [Difficulty Level: 3 Stars]
  • Capybara by Kobayashi Hiroaki [Difficulty Level: 3 Stars]
  • Sheep by Beth Johnson [Difficulty Level: 4 Stars]
  • Flatfish by Kakami Hitoshi [Difficulty Level: 4 Stars]
  • Skull by Herman van Goubergen [Difficulty Level: 3 Stars]
  • Shoebill by Kamei Kohe [Difficulty Level: 4 Stars]
  • Monkfish by Kashiwamura Takuro [Difficulty Level: 4 Stars]
  • Sweetfish by Tominaga Kazuhiro [Difficulty Level: 4 Stars]

Chapter 3: Cool

  • Great White Shark by Makoto Yamaguchi  [ Difficulty Level: 1 Star]
  • Rhinoceros by Park Jong Woo [Difficulty Level: 5 Stars]
  • Hippopotamus by Yoo Tae Yong [Difficulty Level: 5 Stars]
  • Pegasus by Hojyo Takashi [Difficulty Level: 4 Stars]
  • Divine Dragon by Satoshi Kamiya [Difficulty Level: 5 Stars]

A La Carte:

  • Lucky Cat by Oriol Esteve  [ Difficulty Level: 2 Stars]
  • Petit Bouquet by Miyuki Kawamura
  • Talking Boy by Makoto Yamaguchi
  • Talking Skull by Jeremy Shafer
  • Diamond by Satoshi Kamiya
  • Shampoo Bottle by Shun Kato
  • Emergency Exit by Morisue Kei


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