The Graceful of Origami

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Written by Makoto Yamaguchi. Hard to find, for intermediate to super complex folders. Instructions are in Japanese.

Ch. 1: Mythic Humanoids

  • Karasu-Tengu (Crow Goblin) by Satoshi Kamiya [Difficulty Level: 2 Stars]
  • Gaikotsu-kun (Skeleton) Version 2 by Takashi Hojyo [Difficulty Level: 3 Stars]
  • Fairy by Yoshihisa Kimura [Difficulty Level: 2 Stars]

Ch. 2: Birds

  • Rockhopper Penguin by Makoto Yamaguchi [Difficulty Level: 2 Stars]
  • Swallow by Sipho Mabona [Difficulty Level: 3 Stars]
  • Owl by Yoshio Tsuda [Difficulty Level: 3 Stars]
  • Little Bird by Hideo Komatsu [Difficulty Level: 4 Stars]

Ch. 3: Animals

  • Collie by Koji Ouchi [Difficulty Level: 3 Stars]
  • Poodle by Roman Diaz [Difficulty Level: 4 Stars]
  • Dalmatian by Makoto Yamaguchi [Difficulty Level: 1 Star]
  • Cat by Makoto Yamaguchi [Difficulty Level: 2 Stars]
  • Chipmunk by Kyohei Katsuta [Difficulty Level: 3 Stars]
  • Raccoon by Quentin Trollip [Difficulty Level: 4 Stars]

Ch. 4: Insects

  • Butterfly by Makoto Yamaguchi [Difficulty Level: 1 Star]
  • Longhorn Beetle by Seiji Nishikawa [Difficulty Level: 4 Stars]
  • Hercules Beetle by Satoshi Kamiya [Difficulty Level: 5 Stars]

Ch. 5: Fantasy Creatures

  • Kaiju Tsurura (Crane Monster) by Shinji Sasade [Difficulty Level: 3 Stars]
  • Black Dragon by Yoshihisa Kimura [Difficulty Level: 3 Stars]
  • Godzilla (2016) by Satoshi Kamiya [Difficulty Level: 4 Stars]
  • King Ghidorah by Keiichi Kozasa [Difficulty Level: 5 Stars]
  • Pegasus by Fumiaki Kawahata [Difficulty Level: 5 Stars]

Extras: A La Carte

  • Reading the Paper by Herman van Goubergen [Difficulty Level: 2 Stars]
  • Rose Crane by Satoshi Kamiya [Difficulty Level: 3 Stars]
  • Fujimoto Hydrangea by Shuzo Fujimoto [Difficulty Level: 3 Stars]
  • Bubble Eye Goldfish by Ronald Koh [Difficulty Level: 4 Stars]
  • Army Knife by Jun Maekawa [Difficulty Level: 4 Stars]
  • Anomalocaris by Fumiaki Kawahata [Difficulty Level: 5 Stars]

Ch. 6: Tyrannosaurus

  • Tyrannosaurus Skeleton by Issei Yoshino [Difficulty Level: 4 Stars]


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